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Trauma/PTSD Counseling 


Experiencing a Trauma Can Feel Life-Shattering, But There is Hope for Recovery!

If you've ever experienced an event or chronic series of events, which caused you to feel extreme fear, distress, and/or helplessness, you may be suffering from symptoms of traumatic stress. These symptoms may  be wreaking havoc on your ability to feel safe or enjoy life, and leave  you feeling consistently numb, anxious, alone and/or like you are "broken", "crazy" or "doomed".


Please know that it's not your fault if you cannot simply "will" yourself out of these symptoms. Trauma  can create changes in the brain which require some time and  specific guidance from a trained mental health professional to heal.  Renaissance Counseling specializes in the treatment of trauma and PTSD, and can help guide you on the path of getting your life back on track again!

PTSD Treatment NJ

Symptoms Associated With PTSD and other Traumatic Stress-Related Anxiety Disorders:

  • Have you tried to avoid situations or people that trigger memories of a certain traumatic event or events?

  • Have you avoiding talking or thinking about it? Do you experience intense distress if the topic is brought up? 

  • Do you often have intrusive thoughts or feelings about the trauma? Have you kept constantly busy or used substances to avoid these?

  • Have you felt emotional numb, empty  or unable to have positive feelings towards others; including friends or family, since the event? 

  • Do you tend to feel jittery, or always on the lookout for danger since the traumatic experience? Are you more easily startled now?

  • Do you now feel the world is completely dangerous, evil, unpredictable, etc. , or that no one can be trusted?

  • Have you often experienced feelings of guilt, shame or other extremely negative perceptions of yourself since the event?

  • Do you tend to feel irritable often or experience intense bouts of anger or rage? 

  • Do you have chronic sleep disturbances? Do they often include nightmares about what happened?.

  • Do you ever suddenly feel as if you are going through the event all over again after seeing, hearing, or smelling something?

  • Have you stuggled with concentration or memory issues since the event? Are there large parts of the event you cannot recall?​

Your past doesn't have to cripple your present or future. Take the first step towards feeling better!

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