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Counseling for Depression

Depression is more than just everyday sadness or lack of motivation.  When you are feeling depressed, it's more than something you can just talk yourself out of with a little willpower.


Depression is a whole-body experience, which reflects an extremely stressed physical and mental state. It can all too easily make everything in the world be seen through a  bleak, dark and hopeless lens.


However, Depression is also treatable, and if you have come here seeking help, know that there is hope for you to feel so much better than you do now. You are not alone in this fight!  Therapy can assist you to get your mental health and life back on track again, and begin to feel more hope for the future!

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Are you experiencing Depression? Here are some common symptoms:

Within the last two weeks have you experienced any of the following:

  • Found it very hard to concentrate, remember things, and make decisions? Found yourself making careless mistakes?

  • Felt extreme fatigue or a sense of having no energy or motivation to do anything?

  • Been have intense feelings of guilt, worthlessness or sense of being a failure?

  • Been feeling a sense of helplessness or hopelessness? Feeling increasingly isolated or alone?

  • Had sleeping issues in the form of insomnia, waking repeatedly, or sleeping too much during the day?

  • Had a consistent sense of restlessness?

  • Experienced a sense of irritability and been more easily annoyed than usual?

  • Find you no longer have an interest in doing things you once enjoyed? Lost your sex drive?

  • Have you been overeating, had appetite loss or had digestive problems with seemingly no cause?

  • Been having body aches, headaches, cramps or other physical symptom that seemingly have no cause?

  • Found yourself feeling persistently sad, depressed, anxious, or "empty", no matter what you are doing? 

  • Had suicidal thoughts, or thoughts of death?

Hope Depression Counseling Sparta NJ
Counseling can help you out of the darkness of Depression!
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