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Counseling for Adult ADHD (Attention-Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder)

 You're Not just "Lazy" or "Not Trying Hard Enough"!

Many adults find themselves having terrible difficulty managing  their daily lives due to symptoms of adult ADHD, but are suffering in silence due to shame or fear of being seen as "lazy" if they admit to others the degree to which they are finding life difficult to manage.


ADHD is not just for children, is not just "all in your mind", or  representative of a deficiency of drive or willpower. ADHD involves difficulty with certain skills such as organization, focus, planning, impulse control, and decision making. The great news is that these abilities can be strengthened through dedicated practice of specific skills and strategies.


If you are an adult who finds yourself experiencing the following symptoms, you may greatly benefit from counseling to help minimize your stress levels, and build the long-term skills to help improve your daily functioning. 

adult ADHD treatment therapy NJ

Does your mind sometimes feel like this?

Counseling can help you build skills to become more focused!

Do you find that you often experience...

  • Great difficulty with getting organized; have a consistently messy home, car, or office

  • Constant and severe procrastination, despite consequences for incomplete tasks

  • Chronic lateness, irrespective of attempts to be on time; poor time management skills

  • Poor ability to concentrate for long periods; poor task focus and/or frequent mistakes

  • Difficulty handling, work, school or housework,  due to sense of overwhelm with tasks

  • A tendency to becoming easily frustrated

  • Constant restlessness and proneness to boredom

  • Great difficulty with decision-making

  • Having many ideas or projects, but struggling with actually completing goals

  •  Difficulty managing impulses, which negatively impacts your life

 Take the first step to getting a better handle on your life!

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