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Please Note: Renaissance Counseling is not currently accepting new clients.
  All current sessions are being conducted via telehealth only 

Why Choose Renaissance Counseling For Psychotherapy?



 At Renaissance Counseling you can always expect.....

Respect & Dignity

Everyone goes through psychological struggles at some point, and no one deserves to feel that these struggles represent who they are.  Because you are so much more than  anxiety, panic, depression, PTSD, ADHD, or any other mental health issue you are currently facing,  you will always be treated as a real person, not a diagnostic label. Our work will always focus on increasing feelings of empowerment and confidence in yourself, never a sense of "brokenness".

A Results-Oriented Approach

In recognition that feeling better as soon as possible is a priority, a results-oriented counseling approach is taken. This approach balances more traditional, exploratory psychotherapy styles with the development of practical problem solving strategies, which can be implemented immediately to start improving your daily life. The goal is  to always help you feel genuine hope for living a fulfilling life, rather than believing you must simply "get by".

A Non-Judgmental Environment

As no progress in counseling can be achieved without a sense of trust and safety, you will always be provided with a relaxed, confidential environment, in which your experiences can be freely explored without fear of judgement. 

 Individualization and Collaboration

 Because you are a unique individual, an eclectic psychotherapy approach is used, which is tailored to your specific needs. Your questions, feedback, and collaboration in the process are always encouraged, information will always be provided to ensure that you  have a clear and thorough understanding of the various aspects of your counseling,

Nervous about starting therapy?

Here's a message from Taryn Blaustein, LCSW which might help.

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counseling office sparta nj

 Down-to Earth, Professional Mental Health Support for Adults Seeking Help with:

  • Feelings of depression, sadness, loneliness, emptiness, or hopelessness

  • Lack of motivation; not getting things done

  • Feelings of low self esteem, failure or worthlessness 

  • Worry, anxiety, social phobia, panic attacks or other fears

  • Difficulty managing mood or coping with emotions

  • Obsessive, distressing thinking or compulsions; perfectionism

  • Issues with identity, life planning, or establishing/fulfilling personal goals

  • Existential/spiritual depression or sense of lack of purpose in life

  • Grief and adjustment issues from a death, job loss, breakup/divorce, illness, etc.

  • Flashbacks, anger, numbness, or other trauma /PTSD symptoms

  • Coping with effects of physical, sexual, emotional abuse or bullying

  • Overwhelming work, school or home stress; trouble managing daily activities

  • Improving personal boundaries; assertiveness; social skills or relationship building

  • Adult ADHD issues such as time management; organization; procrastination

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